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Book of the dead babel

book of the dead babel

Senlin Ascends (The Books of Babel, Band 1) | Josiah Bancroft | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Senlin Ascends: Book One of the Books of Babel | Josiah Bancroft | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. BABËL Halloween presents Book of The Dead. Neues Konto erstellen. Mehr von BABEL - New York auf Facebook anzeigen. Anmelden. Konto vergessen?.


Book of the dead babel -

Brilliant with lots of twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. The fastness that we now think life is about, that we think of as our due, covers this great absence. Wer steckt hinter der Tat? In the first book we learnt a lot about Eve herself and her upbringing, which impacted on the crime she was solving. Kunden, die diesen Artikel angesehen haben, haben auch angesehen. Hat, wie so vieles, seine Vor- und Nachteile und ist letztlich eine Frage des Geschmacks.{/ITEM}

BABËL Halloween presents Book of The Dead. Neues Konto erstellen. Mehr von BABEL - New York auf Facebook anzeigen. Anmelden. Konto vergessen?. It's open house in her books - everyone gets a turn at narrating, even a in which the ghost of a dead chambermaid comes back to haunt the. Book of the Dead. cleansing-and-updating. The performance includes a Seattle telephone directory (White/Yellow pages) and a landline phone on a plinth.{/PREVIEW}

{ITEM-80%-1-1}Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Thunderstruck 2 kostenlos spielen |, it seems as if there are mysteries within mysteries to be uncovered during this investigation. She had never been before; the only pictures budesliga livestream seen were in the prospectus. If you have read any of the Eve Clay books, you will already know that there is a touch of netent games unibet macabre about them and this is indeed evident in Dead Silent. At Night Colter Wall: I must confess to being somewhat confused by this book.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Another thing that makes Eve Clay shine as a detective is her upbringing. In the first book we learnt a lot about Eve herself and her upbringing, which impacted on the crime she was solving. Acting for the human rights of translators and interpreters Sven H. Leider darf ich nicht zu viel verraten, aber bei aller Kritik kann ich das Buch wirklich empfehlen, zumindest wenn man sich auch für ein wenig Religion und Kunst in Thrillern begeistern kann. It trundles along at this delightful pace that is somehow simultaneously languid and rollicking. Having read book one - Blood Mist, I was really happy to receive book two of detective Eve Clays adventures. Not an easy read Not an easy read, dark and disturbing but worth it. The Fire Sacraments, Book One. Jun 19, Jo rated it really liked it Shelves: Man, the only animal that can inflict so much pain for no other reason than he can, not for survival, just because. As a writer, Smith is fascinated by the way in which experience gets shuffled and passed on, mislaid and forgotten, but never really goes away. Just a moment while rot werd smiley sign you in to your Goodreads account. Smith is the opposite of a solipsist, incapable of telling a story from a single point of view. DS Gina Riley is the softer face of the job, another experienced detective but a gentle soul when she wants to be, and very intuitive.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-2}A beautifully written, highly engaging page-turning handy apps spiele where I was on Tom's side every step of the way. You connect with all of them, and have to decide who is trust worthy and who is not. Frederica, the heroine, is at once likeable and disagreeable, and yet you cheer for fußball online stream live throughout. He is the headmaster in his small fishing village and he considers himself a leader Beste Spielothek in Grunegger finden the community, although I strongly suspect the feeling is not mutual. She writes about Tolkien with heavy assertiveness, with "I know what you're doing, and Best casino games to play on bovada can do that too, but I won't! Overall, Babel Tower was too obvious, too large, and largly dry. It tries to change him and shape him in its own image, and the valiant battle Senlin wages to keep his basic values is vicious and violent. It is also a book that is very well constructed -- she is a clever writer -- and it lends itself to a second reading, to enjoy the pleasure of uncovering all the connections she has artfully built in. There was one moment in this, he literally gave me best online casinos for canada nerd turned badass gangster: Slot box is no sense in me writing the same thing over.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Ihr Team ist http: I'm surprised to be giving this full Beste Spielothek in Floßdorf finden, as some of the content is obscene in what the evil doers do - it is for mature audiences only. Underneath, things run like clockwork, and the precision and care slots vacation cheats went into crafting it is obvious without being obtrusive. There are ghosts in all her work - the ghosts of dead people, but also the phantom half-lives of television characters, film stars, pop stars, absent lovers, all Beste Spielothek in Altenhellefeld finden for space. Die Protagonisten book of dead münzen alle sehr gut ausgearbeitet, Eve war mir von Anfang an sympathisch. May 13, Paul Finch rated it it lotte mannheim live amazing. Not an easy read Not an easy read, dark and disturbing but worth it. May 15, Breakaway Reviewers rated it it was amazing. Preview — Dead Silent by Mark Roberts. Ultimately, all those involved in this case, even if only on the periphery, are abnormal in one way or another, while those at the heart of it … well, suffice to say that some kind of insanity is at work here.{/ITEM}


A telling quote, I think, from page 1: Her china white hand lay weightlessly atop his long fingers.

Early on Senlin is told, "women get sucked up the Tower like embers up a flue," and we begin to get the picture that the destruction will be along gender lines.

Outside the Tower, Senlin meets Adam, a young man who is missing his sister. On level three, we encounter another significant male character who will 'one day' return to his wife.

Of course, the search for the Other inspires in Senlin reflections on his own character, and his relationship with Marya. The challenge for me is that Senlin is someone I have trouble liking.

It could be because Senlin hits too close to teen-Carol. He is the headmaster in his small fishing village and he considers himself a leader of the community, although I strongly suspect the feeling is not mutual.

He has harped on the wonders of Babel to his students and fellow citizens, which is no doubt supposed to play into the irony as he discovers the reality of Babel has little in common with his conceptions or his much-thumbed Guide to the Wonders of Babel.

In fact, I found myself wondering about the parallels with my most favorite and sometimes wildly inaccurate guidebook, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy where vaguely unlikable leading man Arthur also finds himself at a loss, forced to confront wonders and misconceptions.

However, Hitchhiker's does it with absurdity and humor, while Senlin does it with gorgeous prose and Victorian sexism.

If you'd like beautiful language and imagery without a plot, give The Night Circus a try. I absolutely enjoyed the writing, but Woman as Object coupled with the perspective of a man who is difficult to connect to means it was a struggle to read.

The fact that most of the character actions were telegraphed in advance means there wasn't that much surprise.

I wouldn't rule out Bancroft in the future, but I'd likely enter into it with suspicion, and that's no way to read a book. Original review of my first attempt: Valente --the plotting is also meandering.

Senlin is on a journey with his newly-wed wife to see the famous Tower of Babel. Within minutes of arrival, he loses her in the marketplace and the rest of the story is a journey upward through the levels of Babel as he searches for the lovely Marya.

I haven't read Arabian Nights in more than decades, so there might be a plotting parallel there, but again I found myself reminiscent of Valente, In the Night Garden.

I'm not against meandering or loosely connected tales, but in this case, I found it continually irksome that the Grail is his young, beautiful, vivacious and energetic wife.

I'm just so over Twoo Love, or not perhaps even love, as we discover, as Senlin's journey is also a journey of reflection on their past and his own self-discovery.

I think even had roles been reversed, or the object of the search the same sex, whatever; for me a plot in search of the romantic other is almost always less interesting.

That it falls along lines of traditional gender roles means it is all the more grating. He has harped on the wonders of Babel to his students and fellow citizens, which is no doubt supposed to play into the irony as he discovers the reality of Babel has little in common with his conceptions or his much-thumbed Guide to the Wonders of Babel here, I am unfortunately and perhaps negatively distracted by memories of both the Hitchhiker's Guide and the wonders of the Babel fish.

I just don't care. Perhaps because I've lived some of Selin's experiences in the Tower--mind you, I was sixteen--but I fail to appreciate the loss of his lofty misconceptions and his encounters with baser human nature.

Or his realization on level three that All the World's a Stage. I'm sure things change as he ascends the Tower, but I'm having trouble caring about the transformation.

So, I gave it an honest try. I absolutely love the language and the imagery, and probably got as far as I did on the strength of that alone.

I had strong antipathy towards a wife as Grail, and to Senlin's character as a whole. I'm sure it evolves, because book two implies he view spoiler [ captains a stolen airship hide spoiler ] but at this moment, I'm having trouble caring.

It doesn't rule it out for the future, or Bancroft at all, but I wish he'd take that talent and kick it up a notch, either with plotting or with moving outside gender roles.

View all 36 comments. Hype is a bad thing. It raises expectations and sets the bar high so there is only one possible outcome; it gives the book a polarizing effect.

I wanted to find out is the hype around this book justified and when I was done reading it there was only one answer: Don't get me wrong, I liked the book hence the four stars but I don't think of it as one the best I've read or that was amazing as most of the reviews show.

But it is certainly different. In a good way. The story begins with Hype is a bad thing. The story begins with an introduction of Senlin and his wife Marya,who are traveling to the Tower of Babel, their honeymoon destination.

But shortly after their arrival Marya is lost in the crowd and thus begins Senlin's quest, a search for his significant other. When I draw the line, there wasn't much happening plot wise in the first half of the book.

I got an impression that the first half of the book is a symbolism art depicting different levels of society through Ringdoms levels of the Tower , society full of decadence in all aspects, a world Senlin never experienced before.

This focus on world-building and lack of progress story wise can be off-puting for some readers who expect a bit more action and even discourage them to go on but I never had such issues.

Don't think of Senlin as a classical hero destined to save the day, or in this case, a damsel in distress. Think of him as a regular, slightly conservative man trying to defeat the system, a Don Quixote, if you will, fighting against windmills, windmills of course being a symbol of obstacles we encounter in our society, obstacles we can hardly skip over, a symbol of a fight that can't be won.

Or maybe it can because Senlin's quest to find his wife is a symbol of force that drives him forward, forcing him to step out of his comfort zone and that is the moment when the story picks up the pace and we are presented with an interesting turn of events, events that involve scheming, betrayal, assassination and some great action sequences ending this book with a bang and setting the ground for the sequel.

One thing that I found amazing was the writing. This was one of the most beautiful prose I've ever encountered and it is hard to believe that this is a debut novel.

View all 30 comments. Nov 05, Petros Triantafyllou rated it it was amazing. When I first laid eyes on this book, I felt that it isn't my sort of thing.

I knew that I wouldn't like it. When I witnessed all the recent hype about it, I thought that it would be short lived. When I was given the first book, I felt compelled to read it, but still, I was sure that I wouldn't like it.

Senlin and Marya are newlyweds on their honeymoon. What better destination could they chose than the Tower of Babel; an immense building of unknown high, When I first laid eyes on this book, I felt that it isn't my sort of thing.

What better destination could they chose than the Tower of Babel; an immense building of unknown high, where every floor is a completely different world.

But Senlin learns the hard way that not everything is like it was promised in his guidebook. When his loses his wife in the crowd, his is left with only one option.

To ascend the whole Tower and meet her again on the top. Thieves, Tyrants, Traitors, Men-turned-killing-machines and women with metal arms are nothing but mere obstacles in his way.

Senlin, if it bends and conforms to man, then man will become resolute in his flaws. The law exists to give shape to man's ideals.

When you think about it, doesn't mercy serve the wicked at the expense of the law? I was fascinated by the combination of Bancroft's immense imagination and his ability to ground this story in reality.

The setting was as powerful as the characters, with power plays and backstabbings and enigmas that were illuminated by the characters' own actions while the story unfolds page by page.

The wonderful prose is enriched with the excellent use of proverbial expressions, Ad Hominems, and the Protagonist's imminent catharsis. All in all, Josiah Bancroft's debut is a fascinating story and an admirable paradigm of the rare occasion where excellent prose, productive imagination, and intellectual creativity are masterfully intertwined, creating a story of untold beauty.

You can find more of my reviews over at http: View all 3 comments. Jan 04, Esmerelda Weatherwax rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ah yes, the book that began my love of indie writing — I read this book a long time ago before I really had any kind of reviewing style.

Senlin and his new wife are going on a honeymoon, he takes her to the Tower of Babel which is a very popular tourist spot. The pedestrian traffic around the Tower is immense, and so is the Tower itself.

It would Ah yes, the book that began my love of indie writing — I read this book a long time ago before I really had any kind of reviewing style.

It would dwarf mountains and most other fantasy architecture. Senlin becomes separated from his wife with all the hustle and bustle going on, and he has to find her.

Senlin starts at the bottom of the Tower, where the lowest of the low stay and start their journey. The first Ringdom is dirty, crowded and suffocating.

He has to run to get to the next Ringdom which is almost like Roman opulence. There are baths, artwork, fine food and drink and hotels.

The first book in this series is single POV, all seen through the eyes of Senlin. He starts out rather fuddy duddy, very stiff and very sure of himself and his guidebook — which is the worst guidebook in the history of guidebooks.

It always leads him down the wrong path and watching him grapple with what he thinks he knew, and what the reality of the situation is was fascinating.

He really grows and learns how to think and fend for himself rather than relying on knowledge from his past.

The Tower is mysterious, no one knows how many Ringdoms there really are, or how the Tower itself was built or who built it.

There are a lot of theories floating around, but no one has a full map of the Tower. The scenes with him had me on the edge of my seat — he injects some kind of red substance into himself and becomes ridiculously powerful, able to rip heads from peoples bodies.

Senlin gets on his bad side and it was intense to read about. The tone is definitely adventurous, exploring all of the Ringdoms with Senlin was a lot of fun.

The writing in this book is absolutely phenomonal. But, with this book I was absolutely enamored with the writing and I immediately picked up the next book.

The Tower was a completely new experience for me, as was basically everything else about this book. For people looking for something very different For people who like adventure stories For people who like single pov For poeple who want excellent prose For people who like steam punk Final Score: View all 4 comments.

Nice redo review of this wonderful 'Indie' gem: Jan 03, Barbara I can't wait to start reading this book!! Oct 30, Paul O'Neill rated it it was amazing.

You need to read this! Don't read the blurb, dive in blind which is the best way to read any book. This is one surprisingly awesome adventure through an entirely original world.

It is hard to compare it. I'd describe it as a fantasy, high speed thriller. Also made me think of charlie and the chocolate factory for some reason.

I will definitely pick up book two soon and this author deserves all the props for writing one of the best books I've read this year. View all 8 comments.

Yeah, I'm generous like that. Gotta admit I kinda liked the beer-me-go-rounds and stuff. Had they been whisky-me-go-rounds, I probably would have rated this book 4 stars.

Move along, Clueless Barnacles, nothing to see here hide spoiler ] , darkness and grittiness and goredom view spoiler [ hide spoiler ] , excitement view spoiler [ zzzzzzzzzzz hide spoiler ] , and general awesomeness view spoiler [ hide spoiler ].

Such outrageously revolting behavior should NOT be tolerated! I should be profoundly, deeply, acutely ashamed of my little self for not fully appreciating the wonderful wonderfulness of this wonderfully wonderful specimen of self-published literature.

And, I deserve to be severely, intensely, thoroughly, seriously, vigorously punished for my lack of discernment view spoiler [ preferably by either Daniel Faust , Mad Rogan or Caleb Shepperd.

And you know what else I know? That I didn't because it wasn't so I won't be and I'm not but do I still want to be?

That's so sad, I am momentarily out of stock. But hey, you never know, miracles happen sometimes. I mean, I could also unexpectedly turn out to be slightly overwhelmed by the need to stay the hell away from book 2.

Never say never and all that crap. It's just that it didn't love me back. Damn, it sucks so much to be me sometimes.

The world might be falling apart, but Groucho Marx will always save the day. View all 35 comments. Because we love great writing!!! What a great find!

When I decided to join on the buddy read for this book, I had only seen the beautiful cover - I miss this type of art on the currently publishing trends..

I had no idea what the book is about and from the name surmised that it must be about the strife of humanity to reach g-d like power. So, being a reader who is up for anything, I thought it looked interesting and after all, what could it hurt?

Well, I have to say, this book did hurt. First, the writing style was so beautiful and simple at the same time, it was a painful reminder of how often all of us are being subjected to mediocre and sub-par all the way down to incompetently written works, to the point that when we encounter a thoughtful and well crafted work, it seems like a rare treasure!

Second, it hurt my soul seeing this vision of the way humanity could have gone if G-D never destroyed the Tower of Babel The land of Ur, the Tower becoming the center of human culture and advancement.

Those who have been given the chance of generations to climb up the "ringdoms" of the Tower and have never stepped outside of its construction, see themselves as higher beings than anyone of "lower" birth.

The author gives us a very disturbing and cruel picture of the human condition by juxtaposing the Babel life with the experiences of an optimistic but somewhat starched schoolmaster and his new wife, who come to the Tower for their honeymoon.

Although not a very young man, he is full of idealistic views and ideals, wanting to believe only the best of people. His wife is a perfect match for him, despite being younger, because she awakens in him a sense of Whimsy and color in his black and white personality.

This bright eyed couple, which we could easily identify with, gets separated almost from the start and we spend the book with Tom Senlin on his frantic search up the Tower for his lovely Marya.

The human decay he is faced with is absolutely horrifying!!! It tries to change him and shape him in its own image, and the valiant battle Senlin wages to keep his basic values is vicious and violent.

My soul was deeply hurt by the selfish and indifferent way people treated each other. The division of class which comes with the levels of the Tower and the cheapening of values and dignity the lower you are, are only some of the painful examples the author makes us consider.

In the tumultuous political and social upheaval we find ourselves today, I can only pray that we can be as strong in spirit and grounded in decency as Senlin shows himself to be!!!!!!!

And lastly, it hurts to be the reader, a person outside the action of the story, not only because it would be awesome to enter this imaginative but so real world, but because of not being able to reach out to the protagonist in some of his most difficult and lonely moments and share his pain with him.

The way the Tower culture strips the person to the bare bones, rips away all sense of community, culture as a food for the soul, not a currency exchange, and makes the individual live either lost in the oblivion of slave labor, drunken stupor, basic instinct of survival, or mindless persuites of the flesh, is painful and demoralizing!!!

I felt like weeping for the sparks of humanity which were extinguished by the Tower reality. It once again restored my commitment to rejecting the temptation to give in to the bitterness and hate those who want to reduce us to mindless slaves in spirit if not in action, keep trying to bait us to surrender to.

We have to be better than that! As I went on this tangent, I need not point out how deeply this book affected me.

The thoughtfully structured plot had some slower parts, but they didn't bother me, because they felt like quiet moments for us to surrender to the melancholy of the loneliness Senlin was experiencing They added to the intimate connection we developed with him and his tribulations The prose was immaculate and being a first in a series of three, we are left with an open ending, looking forward to the next chapter in the ascending of Senlin up the uncharted hights of the Tower!!!

View all 19 comments. Sep 13, Milda Page Runner rated it it was amazing Shelves: Senlin Ascends or does he? Is he just shedding the shell and Breaking Bad?

What a journey and what a transformation. Gorgeous writing, original world, that is as beautiful as it is cruel, creative and intricate mechanisms.

Plot that is both comic and tragic and philosophical filled with unique imagination and breath-taking adventure. This is not a light read.

There are certainly some dark and painful moments along the way. Recommended for dark fantasy readers, people looking for original fantasy, unique world.

View all 45 comments. Jan 15, Kitvaria Sarene rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is one of the books that make me wish for more than 5 stars to rate it.

For me, rating it is as hard as it was with Name of the wind - not because it is in anyway similar to that - but in not being able to actually say just WHAT I enjoyed so much.

Trying to summarise this book is impossible to me, as it would sound boring and long winded I devoured it and it was so hard to put it down at bedtime or the end of lunchbreak, I might have been a tiny bid tired at work each day ti This is one of the books that make me wish for more than 5 stars to rate it.

I devoured it and it was so hard to put it down at bedtime or the end of lunchbreak, I might have been a tiny bid tired at work each day till I finished What surely makes this book special is being so damn different!

I read so many fantasy novels - and non can be compared to this one. It isn't epic, but it definitely isn't popcorn fantasy. It is most definitely not grimdark - but it has some of the grimmest parts of humanity in it and some flying heads.

It isn't about action, but it never gets boring and it has some very fast paced scenes. It looks deeply within its characters, without giving too much detail.

It focusses on the main character and changing side characters, though even as they are changing you never have the feeling of them being unnecessary like it was in ASOIAF at times, were someone is introduced at great length just to die a moment later.

It's more like doctor who, were every companion is important, no matter how long they stay. The book changed itself with every new part of the tower, and it works!

It doesn't feel inconsistent, but it surprises you at every turn. You'll never know what to expect next and it makes for a thrilling read!

As you see, I can't really put words on it - I can just urge you to go, buy or lend a copy and get reading and experiencing it for yourself!

Especially if you are looking for something that feels fresh and new. View all 5 comments. There comes a point after reading a certain number of "magic school" or "sword and sorcery" novels, when it can be hard to believe that there are any stories left that haven't already been told three or four times.

Luckily there are still books like this one that are just familiar enough to be recognizable, but are otherwise in a league of their own. It's sort of like a steampunk adventure version of Breaking Bad meets The Hobbit?

Try telling me you've already read that one. It's almost a surprise that it works so well. Thomas Senlin isn't the most sympathetic lead character, he's pompous and bumbling and foolish, but his journey through the tower is never anything less than fascinating.

There isn't a plot so much as a series of various misadventures as Senlin ascends my favorite is the parlor - who comes up with this stuff?! He searches for his lost wife but she could just as easily have been replaced with a priceless stolen boot or something for all she contributes.

Hopefully she eventually ends up making an appearance as an actual human rather than just a damsel in distress plot point.

The prose is precise and descriptive. The world is vibrant and stimulating. This is a confident, creative debut novel and I'm interested to see what else the tower has in store.

Audiobook narration by John Banks is really enjoyable. View all 9 comments. This is a shortened review. If you're interested in this book, read this on my blog.

And I mean YOU. Because I had wayyyyy too much to say about this book for Goodreads. You will be missing a good chunk. Things this book has: It's kind of hard to get through that.

But the This is a shortened review. But then, it also helps you realize that change doesn't happen without pain and we don't become better human beings by sitting on our couch eating cake.

And then comes the massive character development. So pretty darn massive, I'm not sure I've seen it done in a better way in a book I've read all year.

Now I want to talk about the characters. Wonderful, real-life people, yet strong and colorful! Starting with Thomas Senlin, the main one, who undergoes a complete transformation and shows the best character development in the book, going further on with Edith, a woman Senlin meets in the Tower, turning from a petticoated country bumpkin into a strong independent lady, onto Tarrou, a man defeated by his demons and his own smallness, enslaved in body but suddenly freed in the soul, up to probably one of my favorite ones - Iren, the illiterate amazon hulk, finding her belief in herself and her own mind through Senlin's doing.

All of this not just because Thomas is looking for his lost wife - it's because he is looking for fairness, not even justice - but rather meaning and justification that this is not the only thing life, the world and humanity can be.

Because life in the Tower, said to be a hallowed and elevated paradise to the simple person, indeed is just a big, dark and treacherous lie, a trap meant to bring the naive and the innocent in, only to be eaten by the machine.

This is for you, if you like adventure. Also, if you don't fear glancing at the real world - a really dark world.

And believe in love. But brace yourself, because the first half of this book is really dark. People who ponder the real nature of the world order will also like this book.

It's a great book. A very strong one. And I can't wait to read the sequel. I'm definitely on board the hype train for this series.

Senlin Ascends is an indie adventure set in very unusual setting. I like weird settings and I have read decent amount of adventures set in all kind of imaginative worlds so why is first Book of Babel as good or better as best of them?

Why is this such an easy 5 star when this "just" an adventure book? Well in short it does everything it set to do incredibly well. Bancroft's writing is top notch and every dialog, monolog and description is joy I'm definitely on board the hype train for this series.

Bancroft's writing is top notch and every dialog, monolog and description is joy to read. Than we have well written characters, it was pleasure to read about them and for those I hated.

Tomas Senlin starts of as goofy character but we see real character development in him as he becomes more pragmatic, wise and confident but still keeping his ideals despite tower's best efforts to kill the.

This is in a way his coming of age story. Setting is, dubbed by many the star of the show, is perhaps the main reason this book's success.

It reminded me of mix between Pratchett's Ankh Morpork and Mieville's New crobuzone but with it's own distinctive flavor. Like mentioned place it metropolis well several of them layered on top of each other since it's a tower we are talking about , supposed center of civilization but it's merciless place with dark and filthy side.

It's also one of most unique places I read about and each of it's dark corners was fascinating to explore. I can't believe it!

I have finally won a Goodreads giveaway!! View all 7 comments. Jan 28, Celeste rated it it was amazing Shelves: What if you could attend a school that could teach you the mysterious art of magic?

What if dragons were real? What if swords could talk, and their sass could not be contained? Or, in the case of this book, what if God never destroyed the Tower of Babel and it became the center of civilization?

Bancroft did a wonderful job weaving his tale of Thomas Senlin, a school Hea 4. Bancroft did a wonderful job weaving his tale of Thomas Senlin, a school Headmaster venturing to the Tower for his honeymoon with his lovely, plucky wife, Marya.

Within minutes of leaving their train, the newlyweds are separated in the sea of humanity cresting around the foot of the Tower.

What is the meaning of life? Is it to live rough and drink much and just endure until the end comes? Is it to frolic and mingle and bask in your station while gloating over and pitying those less fortunate?

When you live a world above the rest of the population, can you continue seeing them as equals, or do they become something less than human in your eyes?

But when faced with the loss of his wife, Senlin adapts. He more than changes; he metamorphoses. We watch Senlin endure hardships beyond his imagining and, slowly but surely, become an entirely new creature.

Senlin becomes driven, focused, clever, and confident, all while maintaining a stunning optimism completely opposed to life in the Tower.

He manages to make friends when none are meant to be found. Side characters, such as Adamos, Edith, Tarrou, Oglier, Iren, and even Finn Goll are all well fleshed out and grow throughout the story.

Though she is missing for a larger portion of the novel, Marya is a lovely character whose many facets are revealed nicely through flashbacks. As the story progresses, her relationship with Senlin makes more and more sense, and the love he has for her becomes more real and poignant as he fights his way through the Tower in search of her.

I enjoyed the book immensely, though I do feel it was a bit overhyped. The character development, as stated previously, was beyond reproach.

The Tower itself was a wonderful setting, new and interesting and nuanced. But the pacing of the story left something to be desired, stretching the plot too thin in places.

I also felt frustrated at the lack of an ending, though I know this is the first in a trilogy and can see where Bancroft did attempt to provide some sort of resolution.

But besides the poor pacing, Senlin Ascends was a fantastic read, and felt truly unique, for which I couldn't give less than 4.

View all 31 comments. Well, I can proudly say: I have one really great person to thank to. Evelina , you are great, thank you for the rec to read this book.

And as always ended up the last one to finish, but with great support from my amazing gif Sensei and awesome BR partner Craig. Thanks you "Senlin Ascends" is an extraordinary fantasy Well, I can proudly say: Thanks you "Senlin Ascends" is an extraordinary fantasy story, not quite some I used to read.

It has some steampunk spices, also it's a character-development tale with some hints from the Bible. Oh "Senlin Ascends" can easily lure readers with grit, farce, extraordinary adventure and of course a great study of people and places.

On the brink of reappearing setbacks, the scheming, manipulative and deceiving side of him emerges to help him survive.

As a perfect protagonist, he spots the monster in himself and gets on his tracks to reach his goal. Muddy Shoes, I root for you.

Generations have labored to build and perfect the engine. Each of you, I hope, will spend your life working to preserve it.

Because without it, we would be dangerous beasts. Senlin looked around with a start, surprised to find himself at the head of the line.

IDK, her character was interesting in the beginning as she was eager to explore the world, talented, but later on I was disappointed with her character development.

That are the two flaws I found in the story. She is a great partner to the Muddy Shoes as they were both chewed by the tower's harsh and arbitrary justice system.

She was a female character I waited for and together with the great amazon, they were a great joy to read about. To my great joy I found a great monster villain, a genteel, violent and skillful assassin.

I liked his super red powers and his ties to the pirate princess. I think the best part in the book is its world-building: The presented adventures were often exciting excluding some Mexican soap opera for Holy Mary and appealing.

I liked how the author used comic spices to ease the tension or just show the absurdity, beer-go-rounds, excerpts from other books, like the one about wifemongers.

Fewer than three prospects and gentlemen will feel starved for option, and more than six will make would-be-husbands suspect they have blundered upon a harem.

Wives must be fertile and free of disease, lice, and deformity. Ugliness is naturally considered a deformity. Personal experience suggests that seventy percent of the female population fails to embody the first virtue.

The gentle reader will be unsurprised to learn that ninety-five percent of would-be-husbands might graciously be described as unhealthy. Each ringdom has its peculiar and well created world with its own rulers, rules, aims and characters.

The lowest for misery and crime. As the stage for insane plays which entertain the wicked mind of others.

As a spa relaxation for overwhelming lusts, greed and sins. Oh and the heaven for merchants and hard work. The beauty of the rotten and wicked soul of humanity, the tower is a great symbol of it.

Greed, crime, indifference, sins, slavery and lust are the main components. An interesting and compelling read with two small flaws. Other reviewers stated this book is a shining gem and I can't but wholeheartedly agree with them.

It's an unusual fantasy and I was engaged from the start, with the description of the main characters, their honeymoon and the lively throng of people blotting the rail tracks to the marvelous Tower of Babel.

There is no infodump, every piece of the puzzle comes naturally and flowingly. In a simple, pithy sentence, it's encapsulated the image and the smell of Other reviewers stated this book is a shining gem and I can't but wholeheartedly agree with them.

In a simple, pithy sentence, it's encapsulated the image and the smell of the desert and the market-at-the-feet-of-the-Tower chaos that Senlin loses his wife in.

It's almost tangible, how as a reader, I could feel Thomas Senlin spiraling down from mild excitement to worry to total desperation when the realization that he may have lost her for good finally hits.

It's surreal, yet you can feel being there with him, step after step. The story goes on and as Sanlin navigates the Tower and meets its colorful inhabitants I'm using colorful as an all-encompassing adjective he thinks about his time with Marya and those brief glimpses are lyrical and almost resembling a dream.

Senlin is a wonderful protagonist, an "all-weather friend" and all too real. It's a tale of humanity lost and found, of vices and ambition, of desire and dreams, of the meaning of civility; of life, but never without hope.

Prose, storytelling, reveals and rising of tension are great! I'm sure the author loves literature, for instance, the Tower with its ringdoms and horrifying but impartial?

And what an ending! Experimental and beautifully crafted. We now have a podcast review for Senlin Ascends! Check it out on iTunes, here , or on your preferred podcatcher app!

Read this review and more at Book Geeks Uncompromised. He knew himself but poorly. In trying to explain what was so amazing about Senlin Ascends to a friend of mine, I turned into a bit of a stuttering mess.

The best way that I can think of to describe this book is to say that, while the story and world itself are richly imagined, there was something subtle that just really pulled me in and inspired my awe.

All that I knew going into it was that it is about a man that is separated from his wife so he goes through the different levels of this great tower to find her and that the tower itself is kind of bizarre.

Everything else is best experienced firsthand. Why does our innovation never extend to our conscience? All the stars, all the ratings, whatever your preferred system of rating is, this one sits at the top.

Senlin Ascends is a wonderful adventure about life, relationships, self-discovery, and peacocks! There's a lot to love in this book.

I was quite on the edge giving this a chance when I first picked it up, but the whole damn idea of having a full adventure in the mythical Tower of Babylon just struck all my fancies at once.

I remember Ted Chiang's short story about the Tower of Babylon so fondly I just had to imagine it taken as a full novel. So how did this pan out?

Maybe not the same level as Chiang, but when dealing with a tower that not even airships can reach the top leve There's a lot to love in this book.

Maybe not the same level as Chiang, but when dealing with a tower that not even airships can reach the top levels and whole cities are contained within, we're dealing with a delicious idea-driven fantasy with a world-building potential with LEGS.

And while it doesn't go all out with the Babylon run, it does strike out a super-solid Steampunk adventure through and through. Focus on a slightly sanctimonious headmaster with his new bride, take them to Babylon as the super-rubes as they are, and then tear them to pieces.

Innocence becomes an adventure to reach the top to find his missing wife as the mean streets of dirty London Move on to the whole haves and have-nots in the bathhouses in the third level, or the hucksters in the second, and turn it into a heist novel, a revolutionary novel, a PIRACY novel.

I mean, all these elements are pretty commonplace in fantasy anyway, but when you ply them with a deft hand and make sure the awesome core of the Tower of Babylon is still at the core, and I've got to say we've got something pretty original going on here.

It's not WILD original, though. It's solid fun, turning steampunk on a brand-new almost hard-SF edge while bringing in a lot of elements of the old Babylonian society all the while.

And we have airships. So many of those steampunk novels have been kinda Because it's not really steampunk. It's just plain creative. The characters and world are described so vibrantly and the words just flow.

That said there isn't a lot of action and it bogs down a bit in the middle. If you're an action junky this is not the book for you.

If you like a smooth writing style, social-economic overtones, great character nuances and affectations then it is.

I generally prefer a lot more action but the writing was just exceptional. I will continue the series.

My first 5 Star read of the year and what an adventure it was. What starts out as a seemly simple plot turns into an journey like no other.

At the start of the book. Thomas Senlin and his new bride Marya arrive at the location of their honeymoon. The Tower of Babel.

Thomas is fascinated with the tower, knows all sorts of facts and information on it. However, before the couple can even get to the Tower w My first 5 Star read of the year and what an adventure it was.

However, before the couple can even get to the Tower where they are to spend their time on the third level known as The Baths, Tom loses Marya in a busy market crowd.

From here Tom takes on his quest of finding his new wife, which is not a simple task. He will have to learn to use his book-smarts and become practical and cunning if he wants to get her back.

And learn something that is terribly important, the Tower is nothing like he imagined. This book surprised me in so many ways.

Thomas is a very unlikely hero. A headmaster of a school in a small town. Dead Centre has good reviews and attained 5-stars on the Readers' Favorites Website.

There is also a sequel and room for at least one more. Tony was terrified, but he knew that it was his only option.

He had his schedule and it was memorised to the second. He could even see the big clock on the wall that he had to work to.

He watched the seconds tick down and took deep breaths to calm himself, it was not a particularly hot day, but he was perspiring profusely, so he took his handkerchief from his inside jacket pocket and stopped at a mirror to dab at his face.

He was beginning to calm down, the Valium was working. He had not thought that it would be this easy. He had a hundred metres further to walk and fifteen minutes to do it in.

He dawdled, looking at the clothes along the way, and wondered, none of it would matter soon, and he wondered whether it ever should have. He touched some of them, as you might a flower.

He knew the way, he had walked the route dozens of times. Two minutes to go and he felt his heart pick up speed. In fact, he had been given a line not to cross, and lo and behold, there it was a metre before him.

He stood on his mark, the point where two sections of the aisle carpet joined, and pretended to be reading an advertisement.

The consequences of this new form of terrorism are horrific. This sets the scene for the final battle to stamp out the leadership of the gang.

However, as the saying goes, when the SAS are called in, you know it's getting serious! Amazon Website Facebook Goodreads.



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Die Geschichte hält sich nicht mit langen Vorreden auf, sondern startet direkt, brutal und wirklich heftig. There is goodness here as well and hope. Refresh and try again. But I disliked all the people in it, could not feel one of them and did not get over page To add to the horror, DCI Eve Clay must try to discover the significance of his body being arranged into a parody of the art work he has spent his life studying. Tom, there are places in the dark of the Tower, places I hope you never see, where men and women are put in pens like cattle. Every single one of them one dimensional. An aged professor is found brutally tortured and murdered, his daughter a possible witness.{/ITEM}


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Book of the dead babel But I disliked all the people in it, could not feel one of them and did not get over page He lived a quiet life in a suburb of Liverpool with his grown-up daughter. Once again Mark Roberts has excelled in writing a very Beste Spielothek in Wittower Posthaus finden, spiele vor 100 jahren plot that introduces you, the reader, to some very depraved individuals. In the first book we learnt a lot about Eve online-casino and slots bukkit upbringing, which impacted on the crime she was solving. Die Geschichte hält sich nicht mit langen Vorreden auf, net entertainment casino free spin bonus startet direkt, brutal und wirklich heftig. Before she blacked out, she saw his body mutilated and deformed, twisted into a hellish parody of the artworks he loved. Totenengel ist ein spannender Thriller mit perfiden Morden, Perversionen und einem schrecklichen "Psychospiel" verpackt in einer unglaublich guten Geschichte, welcher nichts für zarte Gemüter ist, spannend bis zum Schluss bleibt und mir aufregende Lesestunden beschehrt hat. As an ex-copper, it gave me a real pang of pleasure to see one of the main offenders here, a cruel narcissist and Pound Shop megalomaniac, expressing dismay and paypal konto eröffnen kostenlos when he learns how quickly he is being closed down. Gehen Sie zu Amazon. The Hunger - Die letzte Reise:
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